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CK 99/52507/23

First aid

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What first aid kit is required for business in South Africa and where did this requirement originate from?:

According to the Occupational Health and Safety Act also known as OHASA (Act 85 of 1993). The act states that the employer shall take all reasonable steps that are necessary , to ensure all persons at work receive prompt first aid treatment from a certified first aider in the case of an injury or emergency.

When and Where should first aid boxes be made available?:

The act makes provision that the first aid kit and facilities are provided by the employer where there are more than 5 employees in the work place.

Below are the contents of the first aid kit.

(description for factory and workshop.):

Items: Description:
item 11 wound cleaner 100 ml
item 21 cleaning swabs 20’s
item 31 cotton wool 100g
item 42 sterile gauze 75x75 5’s
item 51 pair metal forcepts
item 61 pair of scissors
item 71 set of safety pins 12’s
item 84 triangular bandages
item 94 conforming bandages 75mmx4m
item 104 conforming bandages 100mmx4m
item 111 roll adhesive 25mmx3m
item 121 micropore tape 25mmx3m
item 131 pack plaster strips 20’s
item 144 first aid dressing 75mm
item 154 first aid dressing 150 mm
item 161 set straight splints
item 174 pairs of latex gloves
item 182 cpr mouth devices

In the case of shops and offices , the quantities under items 1,8,9,10,14,15,17 and 18 may be reduced by half.

Once the first aid kit has been purchased it must be placed at the work place where it is easily accessible to all employees.


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